Who Should Play Mitt And Ann Romney In The Inevitable Movie Of Their Life?

Choosing the actor that is going to play you in the movie of your life is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make, and one of the easiest things to screw up. For example if you asked me right now which actress I would want the answer I’d give you is Elizabeth Olsen, but the CORRECT answer is probably closer to Charlotte Gainsbourg making a puffy face in baby clothes and a messy wig. It’s hard to be objective about it, is what I’m saying. That is probably why this mess of a Q&A happened when Mitt and Ann Romney were on Live! this morning, from TMZ:

Gene Hackman would make a lovely Ann Romney in a Hollywood movie about her life … this according to Mitt Romney.

The Republican nominee and his wife appeared on “Live! with Kelly and Michael” this morning … and endured a Rapid Fire line of questions … one of which was, “Who would you pick to play each other in the movie?”

You know, the movie?

Mitt replied, “For me, my favorite actor is Gene Hackman … so I’d like Gene Hackman.” Kelly Ripa quickly shot back, “You want Gene Hackman to play YOUR WIFE!?”

Mitt laughed …and joked, “What was that movie he was in? The Birdcage?”

Don’t worry, Mitt eventually corrected himself … and picked a more appropriate star.

“MY WIFE!” – Borat. Hahaha. I think Borat should play Mitt Romney and then Borat should also play Ann Romney. And every character Mike Meyers plays in Austin Powers should be their sons. And the whole thing is shot secretly and turns out to be at once very honest and possibly damning. GREEN LIGHT! Mitt went on to say that Michelle Pfeiffer should play Ann and Ann agreed that Gene Hackman should play Mitt. Boo. Boo-ring. Actually, Michelle Pfeiffer was not a bad choice for Ann, but WE CAN DO BETTER. For example:

Mitt: Big papier-mâché face
Ann: Large, sensible, high-heeled red shoe

Mitt: Harrison Ford
Ann: Jane Fonda

Mitt: Cartoon with money eyes and evil eyebrows and a boring suit
Ann: Drawing of a woman with children looking askance at a women sitting at a desk

Mitt: Mark Duplass
Ann: Katie Aselton

Mitt: Wax figure covered in flop sweat
Ann: Ann Romney

Mitt: Vincent Gallo
Ann: Vincent Gallo

Mitt: Businessman trying his hand at acting
Ann: Mom who “used to model a bit”

Who do you think? Huh?