TV News Reporter Mercilessly Ridicules Baby

You hear a lot these days about people going a bit too far to get certain “scoops.” Like how People magazine crashed Blake Lively’s wedding to get the scoop about whether or not it looked like a normal wedding or like some kind of weird, I don’t know, maybe circus wedding or like a witches ceremony or like the kind of a wedding where everyone dresses like members of Kiss or whatever. Or there’s the example of how that French tabloid printed photos of topless Kate Middleton from when she was at a fancy, secluded chateau. On one hand it’s like, sure, EVERYONE want so know whether her boobs are just kind of normal boobs, or whether once you become a princess your boobs turn into glowing gold with crystals all over them, but that does NOT mean you should crash her vacation and invade her privacy and PUT IT ON A MAGAZINE. What if the glowing gold and crystals don’t even show up on camera? You must consider that as well. What you’re about to see is a reporter doing exactly this type of thing, but on camera, and to a baby. Get your children out of the room — this is going to be quite shocking.