Saturday Night Live: Seth MacFarlane And Frank Ocean

Saturday Night Live returned this weekend, beginning its 38th season with noted voice actor Teeth MacFarlane at the helm. “Giggity-giggity!” Something that served to distract viewers from how just so upset they were to have to watch MacFarlane’s big smug face with Family Guy voices coming out of it for 1.5 hours was the news, which “broke” a few days before the premiere, that Jay Pharoah would be taking over the role of President Obama. A change! Ah! Who doesn’t love a change. And the cold open featured just that, as well as Taran Killam’s (surprisingly lackluster) debut as Paul Ryan. Pharoah’s Obama impression is pretty great — an improvement on Fred Armisen’s for sure — but it’s obvious that SNL still hasn’t really found a way to turn Obama into a satirical caricature of Obama. (And maybe there isn’t a way to do it?) (I certainly can’t think of a way to do it.) (#Romney2012) (#4THASKETCHEZ) The cold open was still fairly strong, I thought, apart from how it left you wishing for a more clearly defined political message than just the idea that Romney is out of touch. Say something, guys! Anything! TAKE A STAND! And then there was the obnoxious, but expected, monologue where Seth MacFarlane did voices and sang a song. And now we can talk about some of the sketches!

There were a few good political sketches this week! I didn’t actually think I was going to like the Clint Eastwood/Chair premise because SNORE BOO ZZZ, but it still felt fresh enough! Probably because Bill Hader is just so good. “Let people eat soda.” Haha.

And the exaggerated Bain attack ad was surprisingly well done.

The “Puppet Class” sketch was very good. Very good premise. Very good execution. Felt timeless. Honestly, I watched SNL on Sunday and saw the TERRIBLE “Gangnam Style” sketch before anything else, and was under the impression that there were going to be a lot of “Here’s a pop culture thing and I guess the ‘joke’ is that we know about it?” type sketches (see also: Honey Boo Boo), so everything else was a pleasant surprise. Especially this one, though!

Oh, speaking of how bad the “Honey Boo Boo” bit during Weekend Update was, Seth MacFarlane’s Ryan Lochte bit was — again, even though it was BOO ZZZZ OLD SNOOZE — very good! Good job, Seth MacFarlane. You weren’t the worst, actually.

I really liked the “First Date” sketch. It was a classic one-joke SNL sketch that just goes on forever, BUT I thought this one was funny and I didn’t really think it went on for too long. SO THERE! The Family Guy joke at the end kind of killed it for me, though. ONE “GIGGITY-GIGGITY” PER SNL PLZ.

The Wooden Spoons commercial was perfect.

And, finally, Frank Ocean played and John Mayer was there and the first song was beautiful and the second song was good until he started playing a video game, at which point I was too upset to listen.