This Week In GIFs!

Remember how mad Haddie was in Parenthood when Max unpacked all her clothes because he was looking for his lizard, Guacamole? “MAAAAAAAXX!!!” Hahaha. Remember how Peter Krause didn’t even try to discipline Max at all? He was just like, “We can repack together.” What? What was the deal with that, Peter? You can at least try to reign Max in sometimes. “You’re not the one with a daughter, Max.” Haha. Ahhh. Parenthood! You guys still not really watching that show, overall? Most of you are making a mistake. Let’s all avoid making another mistake and [email protected]@K AT SOME GIFS!

Parenthood came back!

James Cameron figured out how to keep making Avatar forever!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got married!

The Entourage movie has a screenplay!

Kim Kardashian is terrible!

Heathers is being rebooted!