“My 71 Years Old Grand Mother Is A Free Rider”

My favorite part of this fake movie trailer about how this person’s 71-year-old grandmother is a free rider (out of all the very good parts) is that it doesn’t tell you why the person made it, so you’re free to imagine ANY possibility you want. Was it her 71st birthday and all her friends were gathered around, and she was so happy because she had been talking to her friends about how she snowboards for years and none of them were ever appropriately impressed? Was it for a school project and the grandmother didn’t even know the grandkid was doing it, really, and he kind of showed it to her one day in a way that was like, “Hey Grandma, no big deal but I made this video about you in class and I thought you’d want to see it?” And she didn’t act like it meant that much to her, so as to not embarrass her grandkid, but as soon as he left the room tears welled up in her eyes because she was so happy? Or maybe the grandkid make it because he thought it would “go viral” on blogs? We don’t know! And that’s what’s so nice about it. (Via SayOMG.)