Government Comes To Aid Of Needy Celebrity

For every time that you hear Mitt Romney complain that Barack Obama has taken this country off track, or that we need someone in the White House who knows about the Olympics (or bravely politicizes the violent death of an American diplomat to take pot-shots at the standing President) there is another story about the way in which the United States Government fulfills our noblest and most cherished foundational beliefs. Like this story in which Mad Money host and Arrested Development cameo-haver Jim Cramer used Twitter to get his dad around some pesky voter registration laws that are specifically designed to disenfranchise a lot of people like Mad Money host Jim Cramer’s dad but who don’t have someone like Jim Cramer to help them on Twitter. From Talking Points Memo:

Pennsylvania’s voter ID law will no longer be a problem for the father of CNBC host Jim Cramer. Cramer tweeted that his father, a veteran, lacked the specific form of photo identification that would allow him to voter in November under Pennsylvania’s voter ID law. Cramer now says that Pennsylvania authorities contacted him and assured him they’ll make sure his dad can vote.

Bwanh bwanhhhhhhh! Ding ding ding, COWBELL, McFlyyyyyy! (Get it? Have you ever watched his show? Sound Effect City!) Look, I want Jim Cramer’s dad to be able to vote. I want everyone’s dad at the polls this November. But the voting laws can’t be such that the only people who are allowed to engage in their civic duty are those whose sons host bombastic television shows and have a loud enough public mouthpiece to get attention drawn to their individual case. Voting should be simple and easy for everyone! (Although, on the inverse of that, everyone who votes should do at least a modicum of work to educate themselves and not just pull the lever for whoever they would most like to have a beer with and/or not be black with, or whatever.) Oh, hey! Remember when Jim Cramer got in trouble for openly admitting that he manipulated the financial markets in the middle of the worst economic crisis the world had seen in three generations? LOL! I am upgrading HIM to a DO NOT BUY! (Thanks for the tip, Aaron.)