The Perfect Crime: This Terrible Lettuce Prank

While most of us agree that all pranks big dumb wastes of everyone’s time and consistently steal from us the small amount of trust we’ve developed in their fellow humans, this one from “famous YouTube prankster” (quite possibly the worst string of words you can ever work towards having come before your name) Rémi really TAKES THE CAKE! What a jerk, this guy. Now all the lettuce is on the floor, ruined. And for what? WHAT IS THE JOKE EVEN? That you’re in a turtle costume? That you ruined a man’s day? That we’re listening to loud music while you do it? THAT YOU MADE US SO MAD AND WE DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU? Terrible. What a jerk. Pranks are the worst. This guy sucks. Pay for your lettuce. (Via ViralViral.)