You Are About To See A 5-Year-Old Playing Piano Very Well

It’s funny how so often, even when we’ve done something many times, we assume we’ll react in a different way than we have every other time we’ve ever done it. Like even though you never wake up to do work when you set your alarm an hour earlier, every night you decide to let yourself go to bed without finishing it with the promise to yourself that you’ll wake up early you think, “This is going to be great. I’ll go to bed now, wake up early, make some coffee, and get to work. My goodness. Why don’t I do this every night?” And then you sleep in even later than you would have normally. Or maybe you’ve watched the movie Punch Drunk Love four different times because everyone around you loves it and you think, “Maybe this time I’ll love it,” and then you still just don’t really like it very much at all. Or you order a juice that has vegetables blended in it because, I don’t know, it sounds like it will be fine? And healthy, too? And then it is just the grossest thing and you can’t even drink any of it at all, and it was so expensive. Or like maybe you see a video on the Internet of a small child playing piano very well and you think, “Oh, I’ve seen things like this before. He’s a kid so you don’t he’s going to be that great, but then he’s really great. NBD. I’ve you’ve seen one of these things you’ve seen all of them.” And then you watch the video and IT IS SO GOOD.

AHHHHHH!!! He’s so tiny! Look at how fast his tiny hands are moving! He hasn’t even been on Earth long enough to be that good, how is he that good?! WHERE IS THIS BABY AND HOW CAN WE HAVE HIM TO KEEP? (Via BuzzFeed.)