An Inspirational Video About A Blue Monkey

Sometimes you think something is gone forever because you lost it on a camping trip a few years ago, and then your mom finds it on eBay and you get it back again. You know? That’s just life. It’s something that we can all relate to — maybe not the exact story, but certainly ELEMENTS of the story, like the camping element or the blue monkey element (that I haven’t mentioned yet, actually) or the eBay element or like whatever. The point is that we get it. But although it’s a classic tale, one which has been told forever and will be told in many different ways from now until the end of time, somehow, every time we see it, it remains fresh. The look on the young boy as he clutches his lost money, the mother desperately trying to get him to understand that it is, in fact, HIS lost monkey because look at the tag and look at the hair, and the peaceful resolution we all feel knowing that this boy and his lost blue monkey stuffed animal will be together forever, and also why are we crying? Ahhhhh, I don’t know! It’s just a stuffed animal! WHY IS THIS VIDEO SO GOOD!

It’s just like all of those videos of dads coming back from war and surprising those kids, but more meaningful. Hahah. JK. It is good though, right?!? Do you think it’s the real monkey? (Do you think maybe it’s possible that another kid wanted to cut the tag off of the monkey and also put him in the dryer at some point?) (Or do you think the mulch proves it definitively?) (Not that I want to ask these questions, but, like, I NEED to.) THESE GUYS! (Via LaughingSquid.)