Do Not Watch: Transparent Mantis Eats Fly

Why do bugs exist? That’s probably a very good selling point for an atheist. “If God exists, how do you explain bugs? Wouldn’t you think a loving God who cared about the souls He created in His image would want those souls to dwell on their planet WITHOUT horrifying, sometimes flying, creepy-crawly, OFTEN BITING, disgusting little monsters all over the place for no reason?” What response could anyone have? It’s like the watchmaker analogy but reverse and better. Related question: Why did this past week’s This American Life episode “Fear of Sleep” include a story about a family that consistently had to go to the emergency room to get cockroaches pulled out of their ears because their apartment was so badly infested? Because This American Life wants its listeners to be more afraid of bugs and what bugs can do to them in their sleep than they already are? Because This American Life hates its listeners so much?! Who knows. All I know is DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO OF A TRANSPARENT PRAYING MANTIS EATING A FLY!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Everything about that was a nightmare. Not one part of it wasn’t. I’m sorry. (I did tell you not to watch it, though.) (It’s all really totally on you.)