This Week In GIFs!

Man, remember when the half-season of Breaking Bad ended last weekend? It’s hard to believe, just as it is hard to believe that any half-season of ANYTHING ever has to end, but it is true and it happened and we just have to get on with our lives. I don’t know what we’re going to talk about on Monday, though. Probably how excited we are for Parenthood to come back on Tuesday? Probably. That’s going to be the best. Until then, though, let’s look at some GIIIIIIIIIIFS!

This half season of Breaking Bad ended and now we won’t have another episode until next year!

Russell Crowe got lost!

Chuck Norris gave an insane warning to Americans!

We saw Aaron Paul’s yearbook photo and he looked like Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World!

And, finally, we chatted about how James Franco’s professor is suing him!

(Breaking Bad GIFs from MOBFD!)