The True Face(s) Of Inspirational Politics

If you’ve been paying any attention to the Democratic National Convention this week, then you know how energized party loyalists have gotten after listening to the rousing speeches of Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton. (The same goes for the Republican National Convention last week for that matter! People are getting excited about these politics! Although I do think Paul Ryan’s lie-filled speech full of misrepresentations, obfuscations, self-denials, and straight up fabrications should be a bit problematic for anyone of any stripe. But hey! We live in a democracy for a reason: so that you can support whichever misogynistic, homophobic, anti-human candidate you choose!) The point is, people are ready 2 vote. They cannot get enough! And nothing is going to get those polls singing quite like this picture of Civic Pride. Look at these dudes. So glad to have them on OUR side. They’re loving the electoral process! So fun just to be a part of things! All politics is local, whatever that means. Jared Leto tweeted this picture because that’s the way we live now. Good luck taking that away from us, Koch brothers. Oh, you could buy and sell Twitter a hundred times over but you don’t even see the point because every tweet is being catalogued and stored in the Library of Congress and therefore by simply using the platform we have already surrendered an important element of our privacy to the scrutiny of the American government? Well in the powerful and liberating words of 30 Seconds To Mars, which I think are particularly apt here, “NO ONE LISTENS TO OUR TERRIBLE SONGS!”