Nick Nolte Riding A Bumper Car Is Perfect

Photographs don’t always offer a perfect recreation of the thing they’re portraying, which can be both a good and a bad thing. Maybe you have a pimple and the combination of taking the photo with your not-so-good phone camera and the carefully chosen Instagram filter make it look like you have no pimple at all. Or maybe you have put on about 15 pounds or whatever and you don’t want your long-distance girlfriend or boyfriend to notice, so you take a bunch of photos and decide to send them the one in which you look the skinniest. And then they’re like, “Have you lost weight??? You need to eat!!!!!!!!” And you’re like, “Aww, stop worrying about me! I’m fine!” But also it can be true that photographs can make something look so much worse, like if you get caught in some bad lighting, or if you are about to sneeze, or if your face just looks weird for a second, or if you’re at a concert or something and your seats actually aren’t that bad and you try to get a picture of the stage but then for whatever reason the picture makes it look like your seats ARE really pretty bad, and your friends are like, “Yeah, I bet Beck didn’t look like an ant to you the whole time.” And you’re like, “HE DIDNT’!!!!!!” In this case, though, with this photograph of Nick Nolte riding a bumper car — I’m sure that the photograph is exactly correct. This is definitely what this looks like. It is perfect. Full-size Nick Nolte riding a bumper car after the jump. (Via RatsOff!)