Relaxing Hawaii Beach Scene

Let’s ease into this morning with a relaxing Hawaii beach scene. Feels good, right? It’s almost as if you’re there, on the beach, rather than wherever else you are right now, not on the beach. Ahhh. There you are, sitting in the sand, on your too-small “beach” towel, wondering why everyone else’s towels are so much better. It’s like they went out and bought a towel specifically to come to the beach and be comfortable, whereas you just found this towel in your closet. If you knew it was going to be a thing where everyone else was going to come very prepared maybe you would have too, but you thought you and your friends were kind of all in the same boat, so to speak, with the towel situation, but now you’re the only one with a shitty towel and you just feel so stupid. Ahhhh. You rub sunscreen into your skin, protecting yourself from the sun’s warm, comfortable, but ultimately damaging rays, and you realize your hands are already full of sand. You are pretty much just rubbing sand into your skin, and there is nowhere for you to wipe the sand off of your skin because your stupid tiny towel is already covered in sand, as well. Ahhh. Lots of bugs in the sand, huh. You didn’t realize how many bugs there would be. Whew. So relaxing. What a relaxing beach scene. Now we’re ready to start the day.