Aaron Paul’s Yearbook Photo

If you haven’t read Robert Caro’s series of Lyndon Johnson biographies, I highly recommend that you do so. (You should also read his biography of Robert Moses! It’s great!) They are the only books that I recommend to anyone. Sometimes you’ll read a book and you’ll be like, “Oh, Jeff would like The Hunger Games,” or you read a book and you’re like, “You know who I think would really enjoy The Twilight Games? Sally,” or you read a book and you call Francine up and say, “Francine, you should read The Harry Potter Games.” But the Robert Caro biographies of Lyndon Johnson are for everyone. They’re just such an incredible accomplishment because they somehow manage to be completely engrossing and compelling (what people in the biz call a “page-turner”) for thousands of pages while talking about the personal and professional life of a man who died before most of you were born, and also describing/explaining the inner workings of congressional floor votes, the Texas hill country, Robert Kennedy, and the Tennessee Valley Power Authority. Great great books, please read those books. Anyway, at one point they talk about how after Lyndon Johnson became president, he rounded up every copy of his high school yearbook that he could find, which was apparently all of the copies of his high school yearbook in existence, and had the photo of himself removed so that to this day we do not have a copy of Lyndon Johnson’s high school yearbook photo. What a genius! So smart. THE PAST IS THE PAST SO KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF IT! Too bad for Aaron Paul that he didn’t think to do that, but that’s why one man was the president who passed civil rights legislation and the other was just plain old Jesse Pinkman. (Via BuzzFeed.)