This Plant Is Soooooo Sensitive, You Guys

Like, listen, you just have to be really careful about what you’re going to say around this plant — I’m not trying to tell you to be a different person or anything like that, but just keep in mind that this plant is, like, reeeaaaaaaally sensitive so, like, even if you think you’re being totally fine or whatever there’s a chance that this plant is going to be like, “what?” You know? Like, “What did that human just say to me? Did I do something wrong? Why doesn’t anyone ever like me? I don’t even know why I came out tonight.” You know? And then the night is just going to be ruined for everybody. Not that it would be anyone’s fault, but, you know. That’s just how the plant is, and that’s just how everybody else is. But if it can be avoided that would be the best. So that’s all, I guess, I just wanted to give you a heads up about it. Just, like, if you can be a little more careful with what you say and do around the plant. Super sensitive plant. (Via BuzzFeed.)