Gary Busey Is The New Mr. Cool Disguise

Good grief. It is getting harder and harder to keep up with all of the new Mr. Cool Disguises! It feels like hardly a day goes by without some celebrity escaping everyone’s notice by dressing up like a completely different person. Here we have the well-known American actor Gary Busey, who you cannot even recognize because he looks just like your typical Scarf Ghost. I do love how the celebs always add horrible sunglasses to any ridiculous outfit. It’s a must have for any Mr. Cool Disguise. As always, when a new Mr. Cool Disguise emerges on the scene we are forced by the dictates of history to go over who has achieved this noble title in the past. The first, of course, was Charlie Sheen (R.I.P.). Then there was Spencer Pratt (R.I.P.). Other notable Mr. Cool Disguises include Alec Baldwin, Matthew McConaughey, and Kate Hudson’s boyfriend. We have never actually seen Kevin Bacon’s cool disguise, but he has talked about it. And the reigning King of Mr. Cool Disguises who has not and probably will not ever be unseated from his throne is, no doubt, give it up one more time, Mel Gibson. Holy smokes that picture makes me laugh every single time that I see it. Gary Busey has definitely thrown his face in the ring, though. How about another round of applause for Gary Busey, ladies and germs! Or should I say, how about another round of applause for innocent bystander just like you or me who looks completely normal and unassuming why you’d hardly even look twice at this person they just blend in so perfectly! (Via RatsOff! where you can also check out some pretty great photos of Gary Busey on the Dumbo ride.)