Chuck Norris And Wife Have A Dire Warning For Obama’s America

I don’t know how much more plainly they can put it. If elected again, B. Hussain Obama’s reign of socialism and Children of Men-style “no new baby” policymaking, not to mention his proposed police-enforced nightly worshippings of the God of the Bile and Spit and Hell and Flame (each of us forced to pray that the devil bring Hellfire upon any [if any remain!!!] good Christian households in this whole godforsaken world), and his promise that Americans will be able to watch no more than one hour of TV per 24 hours, will take down God’s America once and for all. It’s almost counterintuitive that such a strong country full of people will God on their side could be taken down by four more years of having a Democrat in office, but this is just the kind of nightmare that Obama has brought us to. There are 45 trillion of you out there. We’ll see you at the polls. (Via ChristianNightmares, Gawker.)