We Need Water Balloons Bouncing In Slow Motion

Maybe on your way to work you accidentally sat in something wet on the train, or accidentally stepped in something you didn’t want to, or ran into someone you didn’t want to see. Maybe you accidentally poured the coffee you just made down the drain because you were totally thinking of something else, and your body forgot that you were past the part where you had to pour out the old coffee from the coffee cup and you are just so frustrated. Maybe you thought you snoozed your alarm this morning and then woke up over an hour later and for a moment couldn’t even believe your eyes and what time it was and thought maybe your cell phone clock was wrong, or maybe it was a thing where you took a nap and woke up at night and thought it was the next morning? But no, you just woke up late. Or maybe you’re just very excited about your (I hope) upcoming three-day weekend. In any case, I’m pretty sure what we need is water balloons bouncing in slow motion to up-tempo spa music for no reason. Looks great. I know I feel better. (ViralViral.)