This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

For the past few weeks it has seemed like every “This Week In Movie Trailers” has been really packed full of somewhere around one hundred of movie trailers. Every week! Unfortunately there’s no way to check whether or not this is accurate, but one thing I can tell you is that this week we only have five trailers. Phew. Thank goodness. Also, as you can see, one of them has Aubrey Plaza in it! Ah, you love her! So, good, great, let’s get to them.

The To-Do List

I don’t think this movie looks very good, unfortunately, which might be totally the fault of this teaser trailer because this is not a good teaser trailer!, but at the same time this is probably a movie that I will see at some point when it is out. Maybe when it is On Demand? Maybe even in the theater, to be honest. Who knows. Sometimes you just want to see a movie. But if it turns out to be heavily like, “It’s like a raunchy high school boy comedy where a boy wants to have sex, except it’s a GIRL!” — that’s going to be even more disappointing. We’ll see.

The Company You Keep

“There’s a way to wear glasses like Harold and Kumar, and then there’s a way to WEAR GLASSES.” – Shia LaBeouf. LOLOLOL. Shia LaBeouf could not see a thing during the filming of this movie, I bet. “Me and the journalist character have different prescriptions, unfortunately.” That guy. What an actor! But yes, sure. Looks very thrilling. Not for me, to be honest, but certainly fine enough. Everybody looks good in it. Carry on.

The Sapphires

I liked that! Chris O’Dowd is great. Music is great. Things inspired by real stories can be great. So, sure!


What? Yes. Certainly yes, I think, but also: What?

The Iceman

The best trailer featuring Winona Ryder and James Franco since the incredible The Letter trailer from two weeks ago. Man, remember that trailer? So good. This one also looks good! It is based on Anthony Bruno’s book The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer and Michael Shannon is pretty great and everyone else in the world is in it and it looks good. Would see.