Ok, Let’s Watch This Photo-A-Day Stop Motion Video

This video has been making the rounds over the past few days and I have refused to watch it every single time I saw it, because once you’ve seen one photo-a-day video you feel so foolish that you never want to watch any more of them ever again, but this one is also a stop motion video. So it doesn’t count. Right? I decided today that it doesn’t count, and that I should watch it and now here we are, watching it together. It makes me a little jealous, to be honest! Like when I hear that someone has been keeping a journal throughout their whole life. And I think, “Well, maybe I can just start keeping a journal now?” But then I think, “No, I’ve already spent too much time NOT keeping a journal, it wouldn’t make sense to start now.” But then a year later I think, “I wish I started a journal then, I am so stupid, why didn’t I start a journal back then when I had the chance? Now it’s too late!” And on and on. That’s how this video makes me feel. Also it makes me feel that photo-a-day things really only make sense when you are willing to have horrible facial hair for most of the days. How does it make you feel? It’s important to talk about your feelings sometimes, especially concerning photo-a-day YouTube videos. (ViralViral.)