Have You Guys Watched The New Normal Pilot Yet?

If you aren’t aware, the pilot episode for Ryan Murphy’s new NBC comedy that a few people are super upset about, The New Normal, is currently available to watch on Hulu. Great! It’s been available since yesterday. Soooo. Have you watched it? If you haven’t, I have to tell you that there is absolutely nothing else going on on the Internet today, so you might as well go and take 25 minutes and watch it and then come back here and talk about it with those of us who watched it twice yesterday kind of by accident, because ZZZZZzZzzzzZz. I think it looks promising! The pilot wasn’t super funny, and I don’t really ever expect it to GET super funny, but it was sweet and nice and not horribly unfunny, so that’s probably enough. Right? That sounds defeated, but I mean it genuinely! (Genuinely very defeated.) Sometimes its enough for things to just be lightly enjoyable. Haha. ARE YOU SOLD YET? Plus Andrew Rannells is the best and I will probably love anything he ever does, so it has that going for it for sure. Also Justin Bartha was fun to watch, and fake Little Miss Sunshine girl was cute, and blonde girl is good at seeming super sweet, and the grandmother is basically just a more racist and not as funny version of Lucille from Arrested Development, which is fine. What did you think? Have you watched it yet? Go watch it, tell me what you think. It’s always hard to tell how a show is actually going to be from the pilot episode, but from this pilot I will at least watch the second episode. So. What do you think???????