From The Makers Of “This Rope Swing Is Too Big!” Comes “That Waterslide Is Unregulated!”

Kids these days with their dedication to living life to the fullest and creating their own fun. I’m sick of it! Whatever happened to sitting around in the dark and waiting for death to take you? Huh? When I was a kid we didn’t make ourselves hoarse screaming with glee as we rode a homemade Goonies-style waterslides through a massive drainage pipe in a beautiful and secluded oasis over and over again with all of our beautiful friends, OK? We ate Arby’s at the mall alone, threw a penny in the fountain to make our wish that our rashes would clear up, and then we went home and we WENT TO SLEEP. These guys don’t get it. And I will say the same thing that I said about the rope swing that these same people made that was TOO BIG: how are you going to have a two and a half minute video of this nature and not show even one person’s head get sliced off by some low-hanging corrugated metal, or at least getting their arm-pinned underneath an unmovable boulder for a few days? You gotta take some good with the bad in this world! They cheated the Angel of Bummers and now he is going to Final Destination their next chill hang. (Via TheHIghDefinite.)