Heavy Metal Babies Headbanging Supercut

When the great philosophers were trying to resolve that age old weed circle question of how we can know for sure that our waking reality is any more real than our dream states one of the main proofs–and yes, I feel like I have talked about this before, not even that long ago I don’t think, probably in some old post about spaghetti bloopers or Glenn Close make-up tutorials or who knows what, but also it’s worth talking about every once in awhile, because we are asleep and awake all the time!–was that our waking reality has historical continuity where our dream states are fractured and a-historical. There is no memory in dreams. If you put down a book in your dream it’s not there when you fall asleep again. But here we are, a brand new day, and as this supercut of heavy metal babies headbanging proves, the Internet is right where we left it.

Pinch yourself, THIS IS REAL! Good morning.