Because Tom Hanks And Some Kid And Pizza And Life

A series of photos has been making the rounds of the Internet today that feature Tom Hanks and some “passed out” kid at a pizza parlor. Apparently the kid is not actually passed out, he is just pretending to “be drunk.” The story also goes that he “stole Tom Hanks’s glasses,” which I guess is part of the prank. But the main reason people seem to be responding to this is the way in which it shows Tom Hanks’s sense of humor and willing to goof around. That is nice! Personally, I don’t understand what is actually supposed to be happening in the photos. Between the “stealing glasses” and the “pretending to be drunk,” I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m starting to lose much of my cognitive function in my old age (56 this month!) but if I were to see Tom Hanks in a pizza restaurant I wouldn’t do ANY of those things. For one, I wouldn’t pretend to be drunk, I would just be drunk. And I would leave Tom Hanks’s glasses out of it. He needs those to see! And I am an honest man and not a thief! It just seems like having a nice picture of you and Tom Hanks at a restaurant would be enough of a story without some elaborate but kind of disjointed and nonsensical “backstory.” All of that being said, you can totally imagine how thrilled this kid was by his experience, and he’s probably even more thrilled that it’s trending on Reddit or whatever. Good for him! Life is for the living. You just gotta get out there and mix it up. Have fun with it. Use the space. YOMTHAAPRAMHTAPWYO! (Via Uproxx.)