Is Or Is Not Elizabeth Olsen The Biggest Bitch You’ve Ever Heard Of In Your Entire Life?

Hey, here’s a story. Yesterday I was sitting outside at a bar and a woman came out and greeted another woman by shouting at her, “HEY, FATSO!” What! I don’t claim to know a lot about anything, but one thing I thought I did know was that it is not cool for a woman to publicly great another woman by shouting “fatso” at her. It turns out though, as I continued to listen to their conversation, that they were sisters and I guess that it’s just fine for sisters to call each other fatso in public, and while we’re at it I guess it’s also fine for sisters to not wear items from their sisters’ clothing line even though they wore the clothes from the clothing line when they weren’t that famous, but now I guess they have some stupid idea that they’re TOO famous for the clothing line and are basically just the biggest bitch in the entire world. From Star Magazine:

Sisters always fight over clothes — and the Olsens are no exception! “When Elizabeth first started out she always wore Mary-Kate and Ashley’s fashion lines,” says a family pal. “But now that Elizabeth is famous, she’s wearing other lines.” And friends wonder if a sartorial smack-down is brewing between the twins, 26, and their little sis, 23.

While a rep for the family denies it, a source says their mom has had to tell the girls to stop arguing over who’s wearing who.

Only this A-list clan would feud over not borrowing each other’s clothes enough!

Can you imagine? Having a perfectly good clothing line with shirts and pants and dresses and skirts and pretty much anything a person could ever want to wear, and then your sister goes out and wears clothing from ANOTHER CLOTHING LINE? Ugh. What do the other clothing lines have that the Olsen Twins clothing line doesn’t, huh? Space suits? Is that what you’re wearing, Elizabeth Olsen? Mesh racing outfits covered in Olympic logos + a dog hat? If not then I DON’T SEE WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS! Which leaves us with the question that brought us here: Is or is not Elizabeth Olsen the biggest bitch you’ve ever heard of in your entire life? (Via Celebitchy.)