Oliver Sacks Luvs 2 Trip Ballz!

Oliver Sacks is the best. Obviously. Everyone knows that. He writes about weird and fascinating Looney Toons! He was the inspiration for Bill Murray’s character in the Royal Tanenbaums! He eats the same food and wears the same clothes every day! The best. But so in this week’s episode of the New Yorker, he wrote an article about his experiences taking drugs and in particular hallucinogenic drugs. Oliver Saaaaaaacks! Tripping balllllls! Can you even imagine? Try. Sit still for a second, close your eyes, and picture yourself in a room tripping balls with Oliver Sacks. Did it look like this? No. Did it look like this? Right. Anyway, after the jump is an interview with him talking about his experiences and how they related to his neuroscientific work with his patients. Haha, SURE OLIVER! Work. Yes. Totally. I want those tripped ballz on my desk by 3PM or you’re cabbage!

On the one hand, it is very interesting how tripping ballz allowed Oliver Sacks to relate to the various confused and synesthetic mind states of his patients, and on the other hand I am not sure how clinically effective it would be to just turn to them and say, “Are you high? Because it sounds like you’re high.” Love this, though. Love Oliver Sacks. One of the best dudes going. Oliver Sacks in the sky with diamonds. (Via NewYorker.Tumblr.Com.)