This Week In GIFs!

There were a few (two?) The Simpsons related things this week, so I chose this fun The Simpsons GIF to introduce us to our other GIFs today. Pretty cool, right? It was a pretty cool choice I made. I’m glad I had this space to explain it to you. So. Here we are again. Another week come and gone. I hope you all accomplished something! If you didn’t, I hope you had a good time and realize that that is enough of an accomplishment in the grand scheme of things. (Kind of.) And if you didn’t have a good time, I’m so sorry. Maybe some GIFs will cheer you up? Maybe! Let’s try that.

We’re getting close to the end with Breaking Bad!

Barack Obama secured Jessica Alba’s endorsement.

We saw children crying so much about The Odd Life of Timothy Green!

We saw so many trampoline accidents.

No one bought Simpsons stamps!

Ratatouille was a documentary!

We found out the next season of The Office will be the last!