Videogum Now Accepting Submissions And Other Notes On The Future Of Videogum

Hey, guys. Let’s talk! Family meeting! How are you? OK, good, enough about you. Let’s talk about Videogum. We are now deeeeep into our fourth year. Does that seem crazy to you? It should. That’s a lot of years. Some might even say it’s too many years. Just kidding, Videogum 4 ever, I’m sure. But that’s a lot of years still, even if we all agree there should be many many more years. We mentioned a few weeks ago that we were going to start having some more freelancers around, and you’ve seen some of the results of that (good results!) and we will continue to build on that. But here’s another thing we are now doing: accepting submissions. Do you love this website? Would you like to contribute to this website? Now you can! If you’ve got a think piece, or an idea for a supercut, or an unlikely movie review, send it to us at [email protected]. Before we even go any further, though, let’s all be on the same page: send us GOOD submissions. Thanks. We are not in the Garbage Publishing Business, and will not publish garbage. We reserve the right to not publish anything ever sent to [email protected]. That being said, no one is more familiar with the tone, sensibility, interests, and moral code of the Videogum audience than you, the Videogum audience. Mommy and daddy have talked about it, and we think you’re ready. Honestly, this is just a really good way (we hope) to both open up the site to new voices, which the entire Gum Team but I especially think it could use, and also a great way (we hope) to discover smart and hilarious new voices. When we are trying to think up someone to solicit for freelance material, we always think of the same 10 people, and a lot of those people are already quite busy. That’s not to diminish your own busy-ness. I’m sure you are very busy too. All the more reason to widen the pool. So many people are just so busy. Who even has the time to blog anymore? But OK, I think I made my point: please pitch us ideas, stories, columns, etc. You’re the blog now, dawg.

And now that we have talked about that, let us talk about some other things:

As a general rule, we really want to grow this place, not just in terms of audience, which, you know, all websites want to grow their audiences because that’s how websites work, but really, at least for us, the part of growth that is the most exciting is the part where the site can just become something MORE than what it is right now. Obviously, that means making some changes to what the site even IS, and change is weird and off-putting, and that’s why we are even talking about this, because we care about your FEELINGS and we want you to help us do all of this and not just be a disgruntled observer. So here’s how you can help: you can, as previously mentioned, contribute to the site. But also, please share your thoughts/ideas/feelings on what the future of Videogum should be. For example, what would you like to see more of? Is there anything that you genuinely care deeply about that you also think are within the purview of Videogum’s editorial mandate (visual pop culture, mostly) but that often gets overlooked or completely ignored? To clarify: in the past, we have posted questions like this before, and a lot of times the answers are something like, “Bring back The Hunt For the Worst Movie!” or “Don’t post videos of babies, babies are boring!” That’s not the kind of feedback we are looking for. Things that have happened on this site in the past might happen again in the future and they might not, but if they don’t, it’s not because we forgot about them. And if we want to post a video of a baby we will post a video of a baby. What we are looking for is pro-active ideas for the NEW FUTURE of the site. As always, if you don’t like something on Videogum, don’t read it. Do you know how many other things you could be reading right now? Not just other websites, but print publications, not to mention books. Hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of books alone. And back issues of the New Yorker that are piling up. Some great stuff, too! So, you know, make smart choices with your life and time. Reading something you don’t like is not the smartest choice you can make, and then going so far as to complain about not liking it is an even worse choice still. Pick and choose! This is the United States of America! But so yes, back to the issue at hand: how do we take the site to the next level? Freelancers: check. Open submissions: check. What else? I’m not going to say that this is as much your website as it is ours because it isn’t. It’s mostly ours. We will continue to call the shots. But we would love for you to be as involved as you possibly can without letting the lunatics (that’s you) take over the asylum (that’s So let’s start this way. Let’s talk it out, bitch. (Ari Gold! Our old friend!)

We look forward to hearing from you! XOXOXOX.