That’s Your Dark Knight Tattoo: This Dark Knight Tattoo

Looking great, buddy! The unfortunate thing a lot of times with tattoos is that they don’t age well, but with this one you just know that’s not going to be an issue. You’re 79 years old and building sandcastles on the beach with your great grandson and you lookG REAT doing it! One afternoon at the senior citizens retirement community, sitting with Harold and Kumar by the swimming pool behind the shuffleboard holodeck, waiting for the 4:30 dinner bell to ring, you’ll turn to your friends (although truth be told you kind of hate them, but what are you going to do, you have to talk to someone while you still have life in you to talk) and remark that a lot of people as they get older reflect on the regrets they have in life and the mistakes they’ve made or paths not taken, but you’re one of those rare and lucky birds whose led a charmed existence. Why you can’t even remember the last mistake you made. You’re perfect. Just like your Batman chest tattoo. (Via FAILblog.)