The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

It’s a beautiful day outside (unless it’s not where you are) (is it?) (I hope it’s beautiful!), but unfortunately for some of us have jobs that require us to be indoors almost all day, so we just aren’t going to be able to enjoy that beautiful sunshine for at least a few more hours. Boo-hoo. Too bad so sad for us. Everyone is crying for us, and those who aren’t are crying for us are crying for themselves. Fortunately, though, it is Wednesday! HUMP DAY! And that means we can at least take a brief vacation out of these damn FOUR WALLS and into some wonderful animal videos. Oh, phew! Thank goodness. I bet you thought you were going to go a little stir crazy today, but nope! Don’t even go outside to get lunch, stay in! This is important! Today we have a bunch of lovely things, like cats and dogs, and flamingos, and a hippo, and more cats, and on and on. So let’s get to it, huh? Enough with all the words.

10. Kitten Plays Dead

9. Butterflies Scare Baby Hippo

8. Cockatiel Sings Addams Family Theme

7. Mom Pushes Lion Cub Into Water

6. Chill Cat

5. Baby Flamingo Takes First Steps

4. Orangutan Copies Human

3. Baby Donkey With Casts To Help Her Walk

2. Sleepy Puppy And Kitten Love Each Other And Are So Sleepy

1. Otters Stacking Cups

OTTERS STACKING CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPS! So good. So, so good. That otters stacking cups/sleepy puppy and kitten kissing combo is really a killer. Great, great videos. It’s nice that we all got to live another beautiful day in a world where these videos exist. It is just too bad that we couldn’t all be that lady in the otter video who gets to touch the otters’ little paws. If only. Baby donkey is super sad but also gives you hope, right? It gives you hope for the donkey. I’m sure she’ll be fine eventually. She’s set to make a full recovery. And when she collapses on her back legs? GIMME A BREAK! “Orangutan Copies Human” is very good, but also seems like a video that someone made in a lab for submission on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Really good, though. Great job to both those guys. And, finally, the baby flamingo. It’s just beautiful to see new life. CONGRATS TO US! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!