Duh Aficionado Magazine: The World Is Full Of Monsters And Russel Brand Is One Of Them

Hey, check out this awful bullshit Russel Brand did.* From The Sun:

SEX-MAD comic Russell Brand was told off by Billy Connolly after he refused to start filming until a wardrobe girl flashed her boobs at him. His cheeky demand delayed shooting on the first day for two hours, so the assistant eventually gave in for the sake of the schedule.

Randy Russell, 37, who’s had a stint in sex rehab, was filming Eric Idle’s musical What About Dick? in LA with fellow comedians Billy, 69, and Eddie Izzard, 50. A source said: “It was just a bit of fun.” But Billy failed to see the funny side. The source added: “Billy got annoyed when he found out and and gave Russell a stern ticking off.”

Russell caused chaos when he pulled the stunt in his dressing room.

The source recalled: “Russell tried to persuade a wardrobe assistant to show him her breasts but she was having none of it — at first. “But when it started to look like they weren’t going to get any work done she gave in and flashed him. Russell is a charming scoundrel and everybody let him get away with murder on set — except Billy.

“But after their heart-to-heart he settled down and gave a great performance and filmed the scenes like a consummate professional.”

I, for one, am just so glad that Russel Brand could put this moment of stunningly inappropriate and embarrassing treatment of someone in a much lower position than his on set behind him and give a great performance in What About Dick? His cheeky abuse of power and charming sexual harassment just come hand-in-hand with the classic Russel Brand performances we’ve all come to enjoy — we let him get away with it because it’s worth it! And it’s always just a bit of fun. That’s just Russell. It only takes one heart-to-heart from Billy Connolly, who was “annoyed,” to settle him down, but do we even want that? RILE THIS GUY UP! Put the sight of every on-set female’s boobs in his contract! Never don’t put him in your movie and never take him out of your movie after he allegedly refuses to do his job until his sexual harassment of a coworker reaches completion! Amend the constitution to say that everyone has to have one of his babies! More of this asshole! More and more and more!

*This is from The Sun (and the Internet, at that), so there is of course the chance that it is not completely true. Though I think we can all agree that any amount of truth to be found in this is horrendous? There is a grey area for sure, but the grey area is definitely still surrounded by Russell Brand. So.