If You Must Watch Some Dumb-Ass Action, Consider Strike Back

Even though I spend a bunch of time making fun of racist shit on the internet, sometimes, like everyone, I just need to turn off the part of my brain that tells me I’m being spoon fed some military and imperialist propaganda by the media, and just watch the fuck out of some white dudes running around and shooting guns. It fucking happens.

Anyway, season 2 (or series 3 for all your British-heads out there who started with the show on Sky1) of one of my actual favorite shows Strike Back begins tonight on everyone’s favorite non-internet purveyor of medium-end boob, Cinemax. The show is basically the same kind of love letter to colonialism that drive all parts of the Action Genre, with the hilarious words “a Cinemax Original Series” tacked onto it. Which might actually be what helps the show succeed. In the guise of telling absurdly fast paced and formulaic action stories, the show manages to sneak in surprisingly good plots, and surprisingly good acting, mixed in a hilarious amount of violence (unsurprising) and boob (super unsurprising).

It’s basically the poster child for the phrase “it’s better than you think!”, but I’m legitimately (and shamefully) excited for this show. Can I suggest you rush out and get Cinemax today with a clear conscience? Oh, hell no. But if you already have it, and you’re already killing time before your Friday Night Softcore Sessions (you do that), you could do worse than to watch this show.

How Racist Is This?

  • Cinemax’s Strike Back: oh man, so racist. but still kind of dope though.