Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Hey! Look at this! The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has just placed Walter White on their priority list of the county’s most wanted — a REAL Walter White! For the charge of making meth! Wowowowow! This photo is him. If you see him, ask him for Aaron Paul’s phone number and then call me and give it to me and then call the police. -NPR
  • Here’s an interview with Melissa Leo in which she talks about, among other things, how she met and came to work with Louis C.K. (Kind of just the way celebrities meet each other and then they all get to do whatever they want?) -Salon
  • Tom Hanks’s Playtone production company is going to produce an indie drama about the assassination of JFK called Parkland. One time in high school I wrote a short piece of historical fiction on the same topic. COINCIDENCE? -FilmDrunk
  • Is anyone going to go see Cosmopolis this weekend? I am not going to. I’m not making any statement against it I just figured I should answer the question that I posed to you. Anyway, The Week has a few things to say about Robert Pattinson’s performance! -TheWeek
  • Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Remember when we talked about how Shia LaBeouf was going to be in the Lars Von Trier sex movie, Nymphomaniac? Well guess what. GUESS! WHAT! The sex…is…going to be real sex you guuuuyyyssss!! -Dlisted
  • In what may or may not be a true prank, this brother prank-backed his little brother who messed with his Facebook profile (the WORST prank) by changing his room from a Metallica room to a Justin Bieber room. PRANKED! -Hypervocal
  • And, finally, here is Rob Huebel talking about auditioning for the role of Don Draper. -WarmingGlow