Remember that shit? Wasssssaaaaaap? It was in a commercial!

What it do. I’m Andrew, the dude who writes ‘Yo, Is This Racist?‘, and who created ‘Yo, Should I Dump This Asshole?‘ and basically the main dude you want to get a hold of when you need to ask a stranger on the Internet a difficult question and already know that the answer is “yes. fucking yes”.

It’s always “yes.”

You may also have seen stuff I’ve written on Grantland or Deadspin, if you’re a very specific kind of sports-head.

So listen, I’m going to be helping Kelly (let’s be real, we all know who does the real work around here) make sure the volume of words on this website stays at a respectable level while Gabe is out doing Gabe stuff.

Spoiler alert, it’s probably mostly some indisputably high end snacks.

But, ok, you have a special guest here at Videogum, with a specific area of expertise. So, for all of my posts for today, besides some approximation of the trenchant commentary you’re used to around here, I’m also going to include my judgement, as a percentage, of how racist stuff is. For instance:

  • THIS POST: 0% Racist.

but then:

  • THIS VIDEO: 100% Racist.

So yeah. If nothing else, it’s good to see we’re correctly calibrated. Let’s do “this.”