And That’s It For Me

You guys! It has been a pleasure guest editing today. Thanks to Gabe for the opportunity, thanks to Kelly for all the help, thanks to the commenters for only making thirteen or fourteen Jesse Camp jokes. It’s progress, and I’ll take it.

Like I said earlier, I love this site, and spending a day here made me appreciate it all the more. I imagine it’d be pretty easy to draw jizz on red-carpet photos of Haylie Duff and call it a day, but what Gabe & Kelly do here is much more satisfying. I admire them immensely, and I’m glad there’s a place for people who get it. That’s you!

In that spirit, I leave you with my favorite thing in the world. Do you guys know Joe Wengert? Well, he’s a joy, and this monologue is straight-up comedy perfection. It is everything that’s right with the world. Watch it, be inspired, go forth and do your thing. See you next time.