Now, Here’s The Thing

We can laugh at Sam Mraovich all we want (and we will want to a lot, and we should), but can I tell you something? I kind of have an enormous amount of admiration for him. He did not wait until he knew how to do what he wanted to do, he just did it. He did not doubt himself, he strode confidently forward. He had a story in his fucked up head, he picked up a camera and he told that shit.

Do you wish you could do that as much as I wish I could do that? I have a book proposal that’s been sitting on my laptop 75% finished for two years, and I’m too much of a pussy to get it to even 76% finished, because I’m ashamed it’s not already perfect. I quit improv teams when I feel like I’m not the best one on them. I took guitar lessons for a month, then talked myself out of continuing when I hadn’t turned into Eddie Van Halen. (Eddie Van Halen was a popular guitar player in the late 20th century.) My body runs on a cocktail of unrealistically high and stiflingly low self-esteem that prevents me from completing even the simplest of tasks to the best of my abilities, and then when I absolutely have to complete something, so I can pay my bills and put food in my mouth, I do it in a furious dust-storm of panic and cut corners, turn in B-minus work, get angry at myself, and then say “Maybe I should try a different line of work entirely, because obviously that last thing wasn’t for me.”

Meanwhile, Sam Mraovich picks a project and goes hard as a motherfucker. There is honor, there is dignity in that. I respect him.

Anyway, wanna giggle at another weirdo? Me too.

Laz Rojas is a performer, filmmaker and chameleon, in the sense that whatever color a chameleon is, it still looks exactly like a chameleon. He owns plays over one hundred wigs characters in his one-man showcase, from which this video is taken. Now, you can see that his focus here was on differentiating his characters, making sure the husband and wife had different voices and moved their heads all over the damn place in distinct ways. So if the script is a lukewarm stew of words in which the wife harangues the husband into going back to Mr. Spacely and asking for his job at Spacely’s Space Sprockets* back, you can forgive him. The genius is in the performance.

You keep up the good work, Laz Rojas and Sam Mraovich. We laugh to mask our shame. And also because your work is fucking ridiculous.

* This is a reference to The Jetsons. The Jetsons was a popular animated television program in the mid-20th century.