The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Wow. I’ll be honest with you — sometimes these top ten animal video lists don’t turn out as great as one would hope. Sometimes what the Internet has to offer in the way of animal videos does not really meet your expectations, no matter how long you search. But then some other times, like today, the Internet really just blows it out of the water with how good all the animal videos are that it’s offering. My goodness! I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t say much, but trust me that you are going to enjoy these videos, ESPECIALLY the number one video. This dark, rainy Wednesday (rainy for me, I have no idea how the weather is for you) (I hope it’s nice!) (just kidding, if I have to have rainy hot weather I hope WE ALL DO!) just got a whole lot brighter. So let’s get on with it, huh? BUSDRIVER! SHOW! THE! VIDEOS!

10. Cat Chases Bear Up Tree

9. Dog Moves Ears

8. Kitten Loves Milk

7. Wonderful Dolphin Video

6. Puppies Would Like Some Water In This Pool, Please

5. Surfing Cat Escapes Dog

4. Orphaned Spotted Lamb Adopted By Dalmatian Dog

3. Marching Geese

2. Teddy The Asshole Cat

1. Baby Elephant Runs And Farts

A baby elephant running and farting. It’s a difficult time in a person’s life when they watch a video of a baby elephant running and farting and they think, “haha, oh that is definitely top 5 at least,” and then they realize that their job is to rank a video of a baby elephant running and farting on a blog while they sit in their hot bedroom wearing what could be construed as pajamas. Difficult, but not the worst! CONGRATS ELEPHANT! And congrats asshole cat. You’re great. And congrats everyone else. A wonderful group today. Truly wonderful.