Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • “I Love Mel” has created a Ryan Gosling coloring book where you can, they say, “”Use your felt tips to colour in Ryan Gosling driving, eating, kissing, standing, walking, and all manner of handsome activities!” Oh! -Movieline
  • Hey, want to know something that is incredibly far out of the realm of things you should know about and even farther out of the realm of things anyone WANTS to know about? Great! Well, Jean Claude Van Damme and Kylie Minogue did it with each other for a bit! -FilmDrunk
  • Speaking of doing it with each other, here is an abstinence rap from the ’90s. You’re going to love it or like it or hate it, I just know it! – HyperVocal
  • Finally, a movie rumor we can all get behind! AMC is apparently rumbling about making a Walking Dead movie? There’s a lot of rumbling about it. Everyone’s rumbling about it. -Uproxx
  • Have you guys seen, or at least seen the commercials, for the NBC show Stars Earn Stripes? What is the deal with that show? Here, The Week goes into the deal with that show a little bit, but, really — what is the deal with that show? -TheWeek
  • Vulture spoke with Seth Meyers last night at some movie premiere, and there he said a few words about the Regis job that he SHOULD HAVE TAKEN! How dare you, Mr. Meyers. -Vulture