Bye New Friends!

Well it’s the end of the day, so I’ll bid you adieu. It’s been a lot of fun! I hope it wasn’t too traumatic for you nice folks. Also if you’re in New York you should come to my comedy shows and say hi! Follow my Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook or every move, and come out to see some of the funniest stand ups you ever did see. Sometimes Gabe is on the shows! I hope that’s not a secret. Anyway, it’s good to get out there live in person for your lolz every now and again, you know?

For my parting post I prayed for a cat video to share, since that’s what the internet is all about, and from the heavens it came:

Whenever one of your favorite Videogum editors is on the LAM, and you’re feeling panicked about what the hell just dropped in on you out of nowhere, may you find peace in the comforting mantra, “It’s a cat. It’s a cat. It’s a cat.”