Honest Question: Do You Like Or Dislike Behind The Scenes Photos (Or Also Possible: Who Cares?)?

Photos have been cropping up all week from the set of the new season of Arrested Development, which is going to premiere on Netflix. That’s great! The part about there being new episodes, I mean. After years of endlessly boring speculation about whether or not the cast would be reunited for a movie, it’s welcome news if for no other reason than it ends the endlessly boring speculation, because seriously, that was too much. Snooze alert! (Then again, now we have the endlessly boring updates ABOUT the SHOOTING of the show, which is what we are here to discuss, so maybe it’s one of those wherever you go there you are type things, and Arrested Development brings out the boring in us.) But so here is my question, which I have already posed in the subject heading of this post: do you like behind the scenes photos? Or do you dislike them? Or do you just feel like who cares? I think my answer is that I dislike what they do to me. Because ultimately they are always pretty boring, and they also drain energy from the actual project. I have plenty of excitement for the things I want to read/watch/hear/whatever, so when there’s a lesser, bootleg version of that thing going around, it takes away some of that enthusiasm, a little bit of it gets spent on the non-thing rather than the thing. But when I say that I don’t like what it does to me what I mean is that it totally taps into that compulsive side of the human brain where I, apparently just like everyone else, can’t help but be drawn to and consume these behind the scenes things. Give them to me! Even though they are empty and disappointing! Take my energy away from me, I will happily give it to you, even when I get virtually nothing in return!

So I think I don’t like them. Do you like them? Who cares? #BLOG