Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • A bunch of new photos from the set of the new Arrested Development were released. I hope so many photos are released throughout the process that we can all make a big flip book of all the photos and we won’t even need to watch any of the episodes! -PopSugar
  • DeAndre McCullough, who played Brother Mouzone’s assistant Lamar on The Wire, has died at the age of 35. David Simon posted a lengthy obituary, talking about how he got to know him, etc., and you should read it. -DavidSimon
  • Bryan Cranston watched Swamp People and agrees with America that it is television’s best show. -FresnoBeehive
  • Speaking of Bryan Cranston, here is a game based on Nintendo DS game “Cooking Mama,” whatever that is, except you are Walt and you are cooking meth. Oh great! -HyperVocal
  • Friend of Videogum Chris Gethard responded to a fan’s question on Tumblr about how to overcome the fear of failing when getting into acting and comedy, and his response is very good. -ChrisGethardShow
  • Uh-oh. I’m so sorry to tell you this but the love of your life Kate Bosworth has gotten engaged and unless your name is Michael Polish and you are the correct Michael Polish she is not engaged to you! -Dlisted
  • Did you watch the premiere of Go On last night? Yes? No? What did you think? If your answer is no, The Week has four reasons for you to change your answer to a future yes. Hey take a look! -TheWeek
  • Here is a Dark Knight Rises themed “Call Me Maybe” parody because you only get one summer so let’s LIVE IT. -FilmDrunk