Everything’s Cool With The Princess Diana Biopic, Says PRINCESS DIANA!

I imagine it must be very difficult for an actor to take on the task of portraying the life of a deceased person when there are going to be many people who actually knew that person watching you and judging you and maybe thinking you are just ruining the memory of that deceased person. That is to say, like, no one is going to watch the Daniel Day-Lewis Abraham Lincoln biopic and be a little upset because Abe would never actually flirt with his eyes like that. You know? Because he was alive a million years ago? Look, what I’m really trying to say is PRINCESS DIANA’S SPIRIT VISTED NAOMI WATTS IN A DREAM!!!! From

NAOMI Watts’ portrayal of Princess Diana has won the ultimate endorsement, the late royal bestowing her approval upon the Aussie actor in a dream.

“This is a first, but I find myself dreaming about her,” Watts told News Ltd on location outside of London. “I felt like I was spending time with her. One particular time, I felt that permission was granted.”

SO TAKE THAT, JERKS! For whatever reason, Naomi Watts found herself dreaming of the person she’s spending almost all of her waking hours portraying, and then for whatever reason she found that person granting her permission to portray her, something she was probably fixated on and pretty worried about. (“For whatever reason” = “because ghosts, and not only ghosts, but ghosts who really care about Earth movies.”)  But what about the dreams where Naomi Watts is in a fight but finds herself unable to throw any punches and also she doesn’t have any teeth? WHAT ABOUT THOSE DREAMS, PRINCESS DIANA? (Via Celebitchy.)