Do Not Watch This Video Of A Spider Molting

I understand that you are an adult and that it is certainly not my place to tell you what you can and cannot do, and what videos you can and cannot watch. Likewise, it is not my responsibility to protect you. Do whatever you want! Ruin your life for all I care! Drink soda and go skateboarding without a helmet and tweet about how lonely you are all the time for everyone in the whole world to see forever if they wanted to. Totally none of my business. But, with all of that said, I do want to tell you that you cannot watch this video of a spider molting. It is too much. Spiders are too gross and scary and no one likes them, even if they do “eat bad bugs” or “clean out your ears and nose” or WHATEVER people say about them when they are defending them for no reason, and you are just not allowed to watch it. I’m sorry! You’ll have to find another video to watch. Maybe one of these or one of these? It’s up to you. Just not this one. Not this one of a spider molting.

Are you serious? Are you watching it right now? All right, well it’s your funeral. You are literally dead now and this is your funeral. REST IN PIECE OF SPIDER. (Via BoingBoing.)