Michelle Williams Explains That Ryan Gosling Is Bad At “Rehearsing”

You probably think Ryan Gosling is so great. Oh, he’s so handsome! What a good actor! I bet he smells good! Everything about him is perfect and in his world there is no such thing as pain or disappointment or frustration or anything. Well, maybe some of those things are true, but I’ll tell you one thing, based on a recent interview with Michelle Williams, it sounds like he isn’t very good at creating a month-long verisimilitudinous non-relationship with another actor. So ha! From GuardianUK:

GuardianUK: I’ve only just got over Blue Valentine, your 2010 film that detailed the collapse of another relationship. I was broken for weeks after watching that.

Michelle Williams: I think I’ve only recently got over Blue Valentine. I was broken for a couple of years after that. That one cut really close to the bone because of the way that we worked, the way the director had us rehearse but never rehearse, we just kind of lived together, so things that aren’t real felt very real. Yes, that one took a while.

GUK: Instead of rehearsal, you basically lived with Ryan Gosling and your daughter in the film for a month. Who did the cooking and things like that?

MW:Ryan’s a great cook, he’s really good at improvising. He said something sweet when we were in that rehearsal period. He did a lot of the cooking and a lot of the dishes, and I think finally I said to him, “Ryan, this isn’t how it goes. This doesn’t feel real to me.” And he said, “I know, Michelle, but you have a home and a kid. You’re cooking when you go home so I feel bad making you do it here too.”

Ugh, seriously, Ryan Gosling? You’re the worst! Your fellow actor doesn’t find it believable when you cook and do all the dishes, OK?! Do you even care about this project? This is one of the main reasons that no one liked Blue Valentine at all. “How desperate can they be when clearly he cooked all the meals during rehearsal? FAIL.” Look out, Benedict Cumberbatch, someone is chasing you up Terrible Mountain!