This “Likeable” Story About Mark Ruffalo Might Be The First Thing To Make Me Mildly Dislike Mark Ruffalo

Man, Mark Ruffalo is the best. Right? He’s so good! He’s great at acting. Most of the movies he is in are at least interesting choices. (Most!) He seems like a nice enough guy. He hates frakking. The best! Oh, he also played the Hulk in The Avengers. Did you know that? The Avengers was so fun! It’s just nice to see people get success when you feel like they’ve earned it. All in all, Mark Ruffalo is so likeable. It would be hard to make you dislike him. But this story (that may or may not even be true, but live by the blog die by the blog) comes pretty close! From The Enquirer via Celebitchy:

Mark Ruffalo wined, dined and reminisced with pals at Chateau Marmont about working there back in the day – then he gave them a blast from the past!

Said My Marmont Spy: “Mark asked the manager to let him wait on tables for old times’ sake. Moments later, he emerged from the kitchen juggling two armloads of plates and started serving guests.”

Mark served very professionally, returned to his table and told pals: “I love going back in time. It keeps me humble – and make me realize how lucky I really am!”

Uh, what? He gave WHO a blast from the past? As if everyone who was eating there remembered how he used to work there. Or as if all his friends were just THRILLED to watch him take two drink orders before sitting back down. Again, this story might not have even happened, and my apologies to the friends and family of Mark Ruffalo’s Untarnished Memory if it’s fake, but come on. You would think that a nice dinner with friends at an exclusive location after appearing in the second highest grossing movie of all time would be enough to make you realize how lucky you are, but I guess it is only weirdly bussing tables for two minutes as some kind of publicity stunt that does the trick. Do you know how annoyed I would be if I was at dinner with ANYBODY and they left the table to do this? I WAS TRYING TO HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH YOU, MR. CENTER OF ATTENTION! I still love Mark Ruffalo, but I do not love this (possibly fake) story! It really is like Harvey Dent said: you either die a hero, or you live long enough to become the guy who waits tables at Chateau Marmont for no reason.