Today We Are All Orson Welles

It’s funny how life is kind of the same for everybody, you know? You think some people have it all figured out, and then you learn that maybe they don’t. Nobody really knows what they’re doing, everyone wants something they don’t have, people’s idea of how the world sees them is almost never accurate, we are none of us safe from the pain of disappointment. Take this quote from a 1982 documentary about the director of the second greatest film of all time, Orson Welles, in which he talks about going to a birthday party:

I went once to a birthday party for [MGM boss] Louis B. Mayer with a rabbit in my pocket which I was going to take out of his hat. On came Judy Garland and Danny Kaye and Danny Thomas and everybody you ever heard of and then Al Jolson sang for two hours and my rabbit was peeing all over me, you know. And the dawn was starting to rise over the Hillcrest Country Club as we said goodnight to Louis B. Mayer and nobody’d asked me to do a magic trick. So the rabbit and I went home.

Preach, brother Orson! Isn’t this just the way, though? Any time you leave the house saying, “this is going to be the best,” get ready for the worst. (Especially if you thought a magic trick was going to be involved.) You jinxed yourself! Buy yourself a Coke! Enjoy that Coke! See? It’s not so bad. We’re all in this big, dumb boat floating on Whoops Ocean together. (Via RatsOff!)