This Guy Is Looking For An Internet Or Real Life Girlfriend

Break ups are tough, but it’s important to just get back in that saddle. This guy has a lot of qualities and hopefully someone out there fits his requirements. Something does tell me that the demand for absolutely no pimples but also a ferocious love of vampires is going to make the search take a little bit longer (BOOM! YA BURNT, VAMPIRE FETISH COMMUNITY AKA AMERICA USA!) but she’s got 2 be out there. The important thing is that we are all deserving of love, and sometimes the reason we don’t find it is because we are too scared to ask for what we want, so good on this guy for just getting out there and being VERY HONEST about what he is looking for in this world. Very honest. Nothing else going on here. Plain as day. Just the facts, ma’am. Good on him. Be open. Live your lives. XOXOXOXOX. (Via BuzzFeed.)