Journalistic Think Piece: Is Shrek Real?

Here’s a question: is Shrek real? Bear with me. Is he? There are lots of arguments to suggest that he is not real. For one, he is a cartoon. I’m not suggesting there is a cartoon ogre in the swamp named Shrek. Please be realistic! Cartoons are drawings. What I am arguing is maybe there is a flesh and blood ogre in the swamp named Shrek and they based the cartoon off of him? I don’t know! I’m not saying this is for sure, obviously I don’t know if he’s real or not, that’s why I’m posing the question. But I for one don’t go to the swamp practically ever. What do I know about the swamp and who lives there in a little house with a fireplace? Practically nothing! (If you live in the swamp or if you go to the swamp on a regular basis and have a good sense of its residents, please feel free to chime in! I would love to hear from you!) If there was an ogre in the swamp named Shrek who had a donkey for a best friend, I feel like that would be a story worth telling, and you’d probably have a bidding war for the rights to tell it, right? And so it would definitely be a pretty big Hollywood company that would win those rights. Uh, Dreamworks, anybody? They’ve got the cash! Again, this doesn’t prove that Shrek is real. Maybe he isn’t. But you can’t just discount it. You might argue that donkeys can’t talk. That’s a good point. But up until now we didn’t know that ogres were real. Again, maybe they aren’t. BUT, if there is a real ogre living in the swamp and his name is Shrek and he sold his life rights to Dreamworks in a handsome deal, then I kind of feel like that opens the door that maybe at least one donkey does talk. Again: this is totally speculative, but let’s think about it for a second! I love to approach the world with an open mind. Is Shrek real? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. What do you think, though? If you say he’s not real, how can you prove it? If you say he is real, how can you prove it? And don’t just copy Wikipedia either, everyone knows that thing is full of factual errors. Please help me to prove whether or not Shrek is real (I don’t know either way! Is he?) and let’s finally show the old dinosaurs of traditional media why our generation of crowd sourcing and social networking is the way to get the story right.