Adam Levine On The Set Of American “Horror” Story

Ryan Murphy posted this photo to Twitter of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine on the set of American Horror Story. What a terrible sentence for some of us–could be any of us–to have to type and/or read! I’m not a huge fan of Ryan Murphy’s shows (not because I think they’re bad, but just because they’re not for me). Glee is not for me. I hate horror movies so why would I watch a horror TV show. ETC. I’m not a big fan of Maroon 5’s music (because I think they’re bad) and I don’t watch American Horror Story (as mentioned) and Twitter is lame. IT ADDS UP. But now that we have labored over all of that, can we talk about this photo? Haha! I know that this is just a behind the scenes photo and it’s supposed to be a fun glimpse for the fans, and all of that is totally fine, but IS THAT “BLOODY FACE” GRAFFITI SUPPOSED TO BE SCARY AT SOME POINT? Do they really think that once they get their Hollywood lighting going and the smoke machine kicks in and it’s magic hour that the camera is going to pan over this ridiculous BLOODY FACE graffiti and people are going to lose their minds? It doesn’t even look like it was drawn by a child. It looks like it was drawn by a production assistant pretending to be a child. Bloody Face. SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKY! Hahahah. BOO! AHHHHH! BLOODY FACE, NOT AGAIN!